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About Us
kuoyu Operation Tools Manufacturer, is located in the National bakelite key production base --- HENGSHUI City ,Hebei Province of PRC.
    Built in 1995, our Company produces bakelite accessories, and commits to new model development. The bakelite processing workshop uses Taiwan-made UN120A bakelite injection molding machine and compressing molding machine. The advanced die shop has lathe, CNC milling machine, electric discharge machine, and some other equipments. 
    Our main products are: Crank ball 、 Crank sheath 、 Oval-crank sheath 、 Ball-head 、 Curved crank 、 Moving crank 、 Five-pointed star knob 、 Pentagon knob with clamp cid 、
Star knobHand wheel 、 Internal corrugation wheel 、 Whool with corrugation in rear、 Double-spoke wheel 、 Round-rim wide spoke wheel 、 Handle series operational bakelite accessories. We have more than 100 kinds of products with over 1,000 different sizes and types.
    Branded as kuoyu, our products are used widely in machine tools, assembling machine tools, woodworking machinery, printing, textile, food manufacture, mining, medica l devices, automobiles, and other fields. 

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